The Tor network is operated by volunteers all around the world. It allows activists, journalists and the general public access the Internet anonymously.

Tor also helps its users to bypass censorship by tunneling their traffic throught third-party servers (aka. 'exit nodes') just like a VPN

Windows, macOS, Linux

Tor Browser is a free and open-source web browser that is developed by the Tor Project. Tor Browser is easy to install and updated regularly.

Tor Browser can be downloaded from the Tor project . Installation instructions are also available on the website.


Orfox is an Android app developed by the Guardian Project. It allows smartphone users to browse websites throught the Tor network.

Download Orfox from the Google Play store. It requires Orbot to run.


Unfortunately, there is no official Tor application available on the iPhone. Although third-party apps are available from the App Store, you may want to avoid this platform depending on your threat scenario.